Better eat raw fruit instead of fruit juice

image: © SADEQ /  Fotolia

image: © SADEQ / Fotolia

Better eat raw fruit instead of fruit juice

It is a Myth that juices are better than fruits. But, if you compare health effects of juices with the raw fruits you will change your thoughts.

Whole fruits are always better than the juices. Here are some reasons why eating raw fruits is healthier than the juices.

Increased sucrose in your fruit juices:

Packed juices are prepared by adding some flavors and corn syrups that increase the level of sucrose in your juice.

The labels show that the actual content of the fruit is very less and the flavors are added to give taste. How could it be compared with the raw fruit?

Higher fiber contents in raw fruits:

Skin of raw fruits contains high content of fiber which provides healthy benefits to the body. Nutrient levels in this skin of various fruits are high.

But, when you drink a fruit juice they have no such healthy ingredients and nutrients. As skin is first removed, your body will not get sufficient fibers which are required.

Higher fiber in pulps of fruits:

Raw fruits give you high fiber health benefits that are present in their pulps. Juices are also sold with a label of the pulps, but these are just few traces. The whole fruits can only provide richest benefits and sweetest taste without adding any sugar or flavor.

High nutrient in raw fruits:

If raw fruits are compared with the quantity of nutrient level then you will find one or two glasses of juices with added pulp and skin may approximately provides all the nutrients that a single raw fruit can provide. Large volume of fruit juices is equal to the raw fruits.

Juicing a fruit in the morning takes time and you will find difficulty in swallowing a bulky juice with pulp and skin content, Better to eat a whole fruit that is nourished and easy to eat to provide high fiber and high Vitamins.


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