Desire flat abs for a period of one to one and a half months by following simple steps

image: © Piotr Marcinski / Fotolia

image: © Piotr Marcinski / Fotolia

Simple steps to get a flat Abs

You can achieve your desire to have a flat abs by following simple steps for a period of one to one and a half months.

Firstly, make sure you minimize on the calorie content in the food you eat daily. Do not necessarily starve your body; just avoid fatty foods, those with high sugar and carbohydrates contents and large quantity of foods in general.

Drinks that are aerated, ice cream, cakes and pizzas are foods that you should not touch. If avoided, these foods will enable you reach your most desired objective of getting a flat Abs that you have always longed for.

Next, get into the habit of eating only the foods with low calories and fats as much as possible as this will help in the reduction of fat intake that is consumed daily through these kinds of foods that you feed on. These sugar free and low fat foods taste alike with the ordinary type of foods and you will not find it hard to adjust to the new move.

Make sure that you drink plenty of water on daily basis; not less than eight glasses of water. Note that your body requires to be hydrated at all times, just like the way an automobile requires water, the same applies to your body.

Water is a crucial requisite for the proper functioning of your body. It gives energy to your body that it so much requires to digest the food that you eat. By taking lots of water, it will not only improve your digestive system but also improve your skin’s texture.

Engage in cardio vascular exercises for not less than thirty minutes every day in order to increase your heart beat rate. These exercises include jogging and cycling, playing tennis, football or squash.

Taking a brisk walk, running and swimming for about three quarters of an hour really assists to burn calories and excess fat present in your body which will be conveniently burned and get your flat abs quickly.


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