Drop Your Weight in a Week

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image: © Randall-Reed / Fotolia

Drop Your Weight in a Week

The General Motors or GM diet is a seven day diet plan for weight loss. It is publicized as an exclusive diet plan created for 1980s GM employees and endorsed by the United States Food & drug Administration as well as the Johns Hopkins Research Center.

The connection of this diet plan with General Motors Inc. is not confirmed; however the diet plan did not stay restricted to employees of GM only. It grew in popularity and was widely accepted within the outside world. This diet plan aims to help you lose ten to seventeen pounds within one week. Aside from helping you slim down, the diet enhances your emotional well-being as well.

The GM Diet Schedule

Day One

On day one, you should concentrate on eating only fruits. While you can eat any type of fruit, it is recommended that you avoid eating bananas because their calorie content is very high. Also you should eat more of cantaloupe and watermelons because they can help accelerate weight loss.

Day Two

Today, you can consume as many veggies as you want. It is advised that you eat one large potato (boiled) for breakfast in order to control your cravings for food. The veggies will supply your body with fiber and essential nutrients.

Day Three

On the 3rd day, you are permitted to eat as many veggies and fruits as you want. Nevertheless, you should avoid consuming potatoes and bananas.

Day Four

On the first 3 days of this diet plan, you have been eating vegetables and fruits only. Now, you are allowed to consume milk as well as bananas. Including bananas in your diet will compensate for the lost sodium and potassium during the previous three days. You are allowed to drink three glasses of milk and eat eight bananas at most. You can also eat one bowl of vegetable soup to satisfy your cravings for vegetables.

Day Five

Today, you can give yourself a treat. On day five, your diet should comprise of six whole tomatoes, twenty ounces of lean beef, plus one cup of rice. Beef will supply your body with high quality protein while the tomatoes will help with digestion. Be sure to cook the beef in a healthful manner – boiled, roasted or steamed. If you’re a vegetarian, you can substitute the beef with brown rice. One or two cups are sufficient.

Day Six

Today, your diet comprises of beef and veggies with no restriction regarding quantity. As mentioned earlier, you get fiber and vitamins from the veggies while the beef supplies your body with iron and protein. You can opt for one or two cups of brown rice plus some cottage cheese if you’re a vegetarian.

Day Seven

On this last day, you can consume fruit juices, brown rice and as many veggies as you want. You should feel energized and much lighter if you’ve strictly followed the diet plan.

Keep the following points in mind when following the GM diet plan for weight loss:

  1. Do not consume any form of alcohol. However, you can consume beverages such as plain black coffee or plain black tea.
  2. Drink sufficient quantities of water (about eight to ten glasses) daily.

Before you start the GM diet plan, be sure to speak with your healthcare professional first.



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