Metabolism rate is maintained when 8 to 10 glasses of water is drunk daily

image: © Dash / Fotolia

image: © Dash / Fotolia

Water is essentially important to maintain the health of body organs. Humans can’t survive more than 7 days without water.

Drinking more water helps in better digestion of food; eliminate all the waste products from the body.

Excess amount of water intake daily, keeps our skin fresh. Most of the heart disease can be controlled by drinking more water.

Metabolism rate is also maintained when 8 to 10 glasses of water is drunk daily. Energy level depends on water concentration. You can regain your lost energy by a glass of water.

These are some major benefits of drinking more water. But, people feel no thirst and they do not drink excess amount of water.

Here are a few tips to increase your daily water intake.

Drink water in the morning:

Drinking a healthy refreshing glass of water just after you wake up is beneficial to hydrate your body.

Keep a water bottle with you:

When you have a water bottle, you try to drink again and again. Keep a bottle with you wherever you go, work or sleep. This will increase water intake.

Replace soda and drinks with fresh water:

Try to drink water in place of soda and unhealthy drinks like Coke. You will addict soon and feel pleased to drink more water.

Drink water before meal:

It is extremely beneficial for your health to drink a glass of water before 30 minutes of a meal. This will increase your digestion too.

Keep adding more water in your routine:

Starting with one or two glasses of water you have to make routine. Once you become used to, increase half glass more. In this way keep adding half or one glass of water in your list. This successfully increases your water intake habit and you will see its healthy effects on your body and skin.



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