Why sport is a must for healthy weight loss

image: @ Andres Rodriguez  / Fotolia

image: @ Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia

Why sport is a must for healthy weight loss 

Exercise through sport helps to control one’s weight by using and burning excess calories which otherwise would have been stored as fat.

The body weight is regulated by the amount of calories eaten and used every day.

Everything that is eaten contains some calories, and everything that one does uses some calories, including breathing, sleeping and digesting food.

Any other physical activity that are undertaken on top of what one normally does will use some more extra calories.

Regular exercise or sports are is an important element of successful weight maintenance and weight loss. Exercise also can assist prevent quite a few diseases and improve the overall health of somebody.

It really does not matter so much what form of physical activity one performs. They could be sports, a planned exercise, routine household chores, home yard work, or even work-related activities, they are all advantageous.

Studies have shown that even those most inactive persons could gain considerable health related benefits if they build up some 30 minutes or more of sporting activity each day. Research has consistently indicated that regular

sporting or physical activity, together with some healthy eating habits, is one of the most healthful and efficient ways to manage your weight. Irrespective of whether you are trying to maintain, gain or lose weight, it is important to understand the importance of physical activity like sports and include this in one’s lifestyle.

Balancing calories used through sporting activity with calories eaten will assist in achieving the desired weight. When more calories are eaten than needed for the day’s activities, the body will begin to store them and lead to

weight gain. Inversely, when fewer calories are eaten than needed, the body will use the stored calories in your body and lead to weight loss. When the two are at a balance, one maintains that same weight.



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