5 Tasty Yet Natural Juices, Which Can Keep You Rejuvenated For The Entire Day

image: © Gorilla / Fotolia

image: © Gorilla / Fotolia

5 Tasty Yet Natural Juices, Which Can Keep You Rejuvenated For The Entire Day

There are those times you just wouldn’t feel like eating anything heavy, you want to just sit and sip on juice made from your favorite nutritious fruits.

Well, who says you can’t? With so many fruits out there that would make their way into any kind of shake or smoothie you have in mind, am certain it’s a great idea. check some of the recipes below and make yourself something great.

There are some great smoothies/fruit shakes that would leave you feeling so rejuvenated, smoothies that are for all weathers, whether it is sunny or rainy. They can taste and feel so good that you might think there isn’t any more need for real foo.

Breakfast Smoothie: This comprises of different kinds of berries which are naturally satisfying when consumed individually. Imagine a mixture of them all. Yes, tasty and refreshing.

To make this, you would need blackberries, blueberries, cherries, banana, almond milk, a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon. Blend these together and you get one of the most complete food shakes in terms of nutrients.

Lean and Green: to get the most out of these next ingredients, you will have to extract the juices with a juicer instead of using blender. Using a juicer would help separate the rubbish from the juice itself, making for a really concentrated juice.

Yes, not drifting too much now, the ingredients here are celery, grapes, cucumber and Kale. The combination of these will give you a dark green but tasty juice. Have in mind, that in no case are you supposed to use sweeteners; you wouldn’t want to start inviting calories now, would you?

Sweet and Green: this one here has some interesting ingredients that make the drink both nutritional and medicinal. The drink would leave you feeling satisfied like you just ate, but it doesn’t stop it from detoxifying you, which is the plan. The ingredients present here are, carrots, spinach, kale, cucumber, kiwi, green apples and ginger. What a combination right? Well, this aside from the great flavor, the taste is one that you would like.

Vitamin C Smoothie: this one comprises a great number of fruits rich in Vitamin C, suitable for any time of the day and keeps you feeling great, but you might get hungry soon after drinking it. The fruits present here are fresh tangerines, red grapefruits and strawberries. The tangerines and grapefruits are to be pureed and blended with the strawberries. Awesome!

Pineapple smoothie: this is not just an extraction of pineapple juice or something like that, this is a smoothie, and it is a combination of some other fruits, as well as vegetables, but pineapple is the dominant thirst and flavor in this combination. The ingredients are ginger, apples and pineapple. They are supposed to be washed and blended together, but not before adding Kale, a natural cholesterol reducer and detoxifier. This smoothie, because of the presence of ginger and kale is very medicinal too.


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