Best nutrients that you should never miss

image: © Gennadiy Poznyakov / Fotolia

image: © Gennadiy Poznyakov / Fotolia

Best nutrients that you should never miss

Daily diet should be planned to provide all sufficient nutrients for the body. It should not miss nutrients that are extremely beneficial for the body. We use food, vegetables, grains, beans, and various dairy products.

Among all these, there are certain products that are filled with tremendous benefits and one should not miss them. Few of these are as follows.

1st best nutrient – Apple:

Among all the food and diet plans Apple is the first nutrient that must be present in your daily diet routines. It contains proteins that are soluble and antioxidants.

Both of these give a healthy body by preventing various diseases. Pectin present in apple saves us from heart diseases, diabetes, bad digestion and increased weight.

2nd best nutrient – beans

A healthy nutritious diet is one which contains beans. Whether you choose black or white beans each of them have effective health benefits. They provide calcium, potassium and protein to the body. You can use it instead of meat due to presence of protein in them. They keep you away from high cholesterol level due to less amount of fat present in them.

3rd best nutrient – Citrus

Vitamin is beneficial for various parts of the body. Vitamin C is present in sufficient amount in all types of citrus fruits. Whether you eat grape fruit or try oranges each contains vitamin. They give you a healthy body. Both solid form and juices can be used in daily diet plans. Both are beneficial. Juices have no pulps, but eating raw food adds nutrient properties of pulps too.

4th best nutrient – Fish

If you are looking for source of best omega 3 acids to control heart disease then fish is the best option. It provides different type of mineral. Few fishes have potassium as sufficient nutrient. Some have calcium and that are beneficial for bones health.


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