Best weight loss tricks

image: © Lev /  Fotolia

image: © Lev / Fotolia

Best weight loss tricks

Loosing weight is important to keep your body fit and healthy. Here are the best weight loss tricks that you can choose to reduce your excess weight.

  •    Drink water before meals:

Drinking 16 ounces of water before a meal reduce your habit of extra eating.

  • Use small utensils for serving food:

Choose smaller plates and glasses for serving food. In small plates you will eat less and definitely reduce weight.


  • Eat snacks:

Instead of eating junk food every time, take snacks, when you feel hungry.

  • Walk daily

Weight loss effective tips to walk and walk. A daily walk of 2 to 3 miles is advised to reduce several pounds in a month.

  •   Measure your weight regularly:

A healthy way to reduce weight is to keep an eye on your weight loss. Weigh yourself daily, if can’t do this try to weight twice a week. A large difference is observed in the weight loss of those who weight daily than those who do not walk.

  • Sleep more:

Less sleep release a hormone in the body that later on increase eating habits and you gain weight. Try to sleep 6 to 7 hours daily to avoid the secretions of these hormones

  • Avoid hunger:

A better trick to lose weight is to avoid hunger. Eat food in small chunks. Eat snacks when you feel hungry and digest it. This will never give you an excess weight gain.

  • Reduce liquid calories:

Avoid drinking sugary and soda drinks after your meal. Replace these with water. Add lemon or some mint in your water glass to change the taste.

  • Eat slow:

A best trick is to eat slowly each and every bite and take time to get it inside.

  • Motivate yourself:

Keep yourself motivated at each and every step of losing a weight. Without a strong motivation you can’t reduce several pounds.


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