Weight loss for your bat wings – ‘Go Sag to Fab’

Weight loss for your bat wings – ‘Go Sag to Fab’ Take one good look at yourself in the mirror with your arms widespread in a position ready for flight. Did you feel abashed and flustered? Have you felt shuddered looking at those wiggly, wobbly, flabby batwings, when you wave out to someone? It’s ... Continue Reading →

Fun and Weight loss in one!

EXERGAMING: Fun and Weight loss in one Exergaming: a portmanteau word exercise and gaming. Fitness games, in particular, video games that track body movements or actions is a fast growing trend amongst young people who want to lose weight and have fun at the same time. This particular genre is credited ... Continue Reading →

Weight loss tricky tips

Weight loss tricky tips Enthusiasm is the chief process that facilitates the whole weight loss plan. Without motivation and enthusiasm many people will never lose that weight. Victory of losing a couple of pounds all depend on one’s level of motivation. Below, we discuss some useful healthy weight ... Continue Reading →

Why sport is a must for healthy weight loss

Why sport is a must for healthy weight loss  Exercise through sport helps to control one’s weight by using and burning excess calories which otherwise would have been stored as fat. The body weight is regulated by the amount of calories eaten and used every day. Everything that is eaten contains ... Continue Reading →

How to get a killer body?

How to get a killer body?  Are you a woman who looks forward to develop great upper body muscles? If so, check out this exercise that will help you The overhead Kettle bell seesaw press This is an amazing exercise for women’s upper body. To do this work out, you need to have a pair of not so heavy ... Continue Reading →
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