Fun and Weight loss in one!

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EXERGAMING: Fun and Weight loss in one

Exergaming: a portmanteau word exercise and gaming.

Fitness games, in particular, video games that track body movements or actions is a fast growing trend amongst young people who want to lose weight and have fun at the same time. This particular genre is credited to be the cause of the end of sedentary activity to teenagers and young adults, especially to those who are inclined to playing simple video games.

And what’s more, research strongly suggests that real improvements in fitness can be achieved in Exergaming too!


Let any Exergaming enthusiast show you his impressive collection of games that require you to move your body in order to play. It is definitely much better than being sedentary in the couch, right? Exer-games like running, baseball or boxing lets you have fun and at the same time achieve much needed exercise.

Extensive research also strongly suggests that incorporating real exercises with games makes it easier for most people (especially video game enthusiasts) to adhere to these programs. This is because it’s the feeling of just “playing a game” – and not “working out” that has become the very focal point in the popularity of Exergaming.


For many people, the concept of this “stealth exercise” by games can be a little difficult to absorb. But let me put it in this perspective. Simply think that you are playing! Who doesn’t want to have fun, right? And isn’t it much more fulfilling, knowing that you are hitting two proverbial birds with one stone?

But of course, prior to beginning any program, it is always best to consult your healthcare practitioner or doctor and get the clearance necessary to begin Exergaming. After all, they are more trained to see if your target game is safe or not in your condition. Also, users should be careful to immediately stop any program should they feel any discomfort or pain, remember that not all programs are suitable for everybody, and some can even result to more injury.


Like most video games, Exergaming gives participants the freedom and power to choose. They can easily modify the game’s pace and level of difficulty that will suit their own. This prevents the feeling of being discouraged and motivates them more to become and remain active.

Another benefit of Exergaming is the fact that its participants can also interact with other players. They can talk about or assist their peers in improving their play. This also tears down the walls of personal indifferences and promotes camaraderie.

This also works well for fighting depression and anxiety, as the participants’ attention is diverted outwards, rather than leaving them feeling more helpless and lonely.

And another benefit of this highly popular form of exercise is that they can be used to fend children off the dangerous lifestyle of being sedentary. Games that encourage movement will be highly motivational tools to instill the habit of being active in childhood.



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