How to get a killer body?

image: © michael spring / Fotolia

image: © michael spring / Fotolia

How to get a killer body?

 Are you a woman who looks forward to develop great upper body muscles? If so, check out this exercise that will help you

The overhead Kettle bell seesaw press

This is an amazing exercise for women’s upper body. To do this work out, you need to have a pair of not so heavy kettle bells of the same weight. Overhead pressing involves a significant level of effort.

To perform these exercise, begin properly cleaning both kettle bells and stand to your chest. Proceed by pressing the one bell overhead. Next, as the fist kettle bell is lowered, press the second bell just before the first starts resting. There should be no pause between the two presses.

This is to ensure that a much different challenge is experienced when doing this and your muscle endurance gets challenged as much as possible. Try to repeat the above steps again and again alternating the kettle belles in a continuous manner.

So that you attain a high cardiovascular level, you need to raise your level of supposed training. Your heart beat rate should be fast and you also need to break a sweat.

The longer you are able to maintain this throughout your work out, the more the cardiovascular benefits you will acquire. This is also another way to acquire a killer body through the killer cardio work outs.

Use of body Weight drills

If you are doing a whole body exercise and using a jumping rope, for the intervals that you need to start knocking out a series of squat thrusts for about 10 to 15 times. Once you are through with these squat thrusts, perform a jump rope for about thirty seconds with no resting in between the intervals.

Allow a minute or so of rest and repeat the whole process again and again. You will soon realize that this is a very effective cardio training plan after only a few rounds.


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