If Are you Crazy-Busy and do not have time for weight loss, read this!

image: ©  T.Tulic-Fotolia

image: © T.Tulic-Fotolia

Are you Crazy-Busy and do not have time for weight loss? Read this.

First of all, be honest. How high is weight loss on your list of priorities? If it’s pretty low, then don’t waste time reading this article. If on the other hand, it’s pretty high, then read on.

Weight loss has three basic components:

  • Your State of Mind
  • Portion Size
  • The Calories you Burn

Your State of Mind

  • A negative state of mind never helped anyone lose weight. Just because you haven’t lost weight in the past, doesn’t mean you can’t now. Weight loss can be real for everyone if you follow some basic guidelines.
  • Focus on what you can have and not what you can’t Choose a good healthy life-style diet rather than a fad. If you slip up one day, give yourself a hug simply go back to your diet.
  • Your weight and health go hand in hand, give them the importance they deserve in your busy life.

Portion Size

  • Complicated diets will take up too much time.
  • Did you know many people achieve significant weight loss simply by controlling portion size?
  • Take avocadoes for example, bursting with healthy fats and nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, a portion of avocado is considered to be about a fifth of an average avocado. So if you eat a half an avocado, you’re up to 2.5 portions and need to calculate the calories accordingly to see any weight loss.
  • Shocking? This misguided understanding of portion sizes extends to just about everything we eat. Common offenders are meat, cheese, and breakfast cereals.
  • Did you know that a ‘portion’ of meat is the size of a pack of cards? Or that a full fat cheese portion is only the size of a match box?
  • Tests have shown that when people don’t measure their breakfast cereal they tend to consume nearly 50% more than the recommended portion size and the equivalent in calories.
  • Take a couple of minutes to download a portion size-guide to your phone or tablet. Check it against your portions. Be ruthless!

The Calories you Burn

Fair enough, you’re too busy to go to the gym. Think about the following, though.

  • Did you know that on average, overweight and obese people spend an additional 2 hours seated per day?
  • Did you know that the average Brit walks between 4-5,000 steps but that 10,000 is the target?
  • Wear a pedometer, measure and gradually increase your daily steps. Every

1,500 extra steps burn about 100 calories.

  • Increase your level of activity with lots of small actions that don’t place heavy demands on your time. For example:
  • Walk around when you’re on the phone
  • Foster working relationships by walking over to people’s desks when you can, instead of sending an email.
  • Park a bit further than usual away from the tube, the office or supermarket entrance.
  • Try and use small local shops that you can walk to. You’ll also save the time you’d spend dealing with miles of supermarket aisles and you’ll probably buy less!




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