Make Your Calves Slimmer and Wear Knee Length Trendy Dresses

image: © mast3r /Fotolia

image: © mast3r /Fotolia

Make Your Calves Slimmer and Wear Knee Length Trendy Dresses

Knee length dresses are all the rage right now. But that means that your calves are on display. If you have bigger calves this can be a real problem. Not to worry, there are things you can do to make your calves slimmer so you too can wear the latest trends.

How to Check If You Have Excess Fat In Your Calves

While seated lift your leg up. Now punch at your calf (be careful not to hurt yourself). If there’s a lot of jiggling you probably have some excess fat on your calves. If there’s not too much wiggle, you just need to tone the muscles you have so they look slimmer.

Water Retention

One of the main reasons your calves can look large is water retention. This is often caused by a lack of muscle in the area. Working the muscles in your calves will help maintain the correct level of muscle to keep your calves from retaining too much water. If you’re doing everything you can and your calves are still quite large, see a doctor as edema leg swelling is an indicator of certain illnesses.

Measure Up

Measure you calves so you know where you’re at. This way as you start to slim them you will be able to tell for sure that what you’re doing is working. If your routine doesn’t yield any results you know to change it up.

Watch Your Walk

The way you walk can affect the size of your calves, if you walk too much on the balls of your feet (wearing high heels, perhaps) you will increase the size of your calves. Try to walk on the whole foot whenever possible to keep the right level of tone in your calves.

Cut the Calf Workouts

Skip any direct calf work in your work-out routine. Things like climbing stairs give your calves a direct work out which only serves to make the muscles bigger and more noticeable. Remember there’s a lot of muscle in your calves, if you work them out directly or too much, they will get bigger.

 Up the Cardio

 Increase your cardio workouts. Cardio is great for helping to keep off fat. If you have bigger calves some of that weight is probably fat that could get trimmed with a good cardio routine. Remember not to directly work the calves out. This means keeping an eye on your form while working out so you don’t work out the wrong muscles. While the stair stepper is meant to work out the quads, your quads will get tired and then your calves start to work instead if you’re not careful. Running is a great exercise to get that cardio in and tone the calves at the same time. Try running slower but longer to really work out those muscles.

 Calf Exercises

 While you don’t want to engage your calf muscles while doing things like walking or squats, there are exercises you can do to help tone your calves and get them looking slim. Calf Raises are a great exercise for toning unsightly calves. Hopping is another excellent workout for those lower legs. Yoga is another good way to stretch and tone muscles including the calves.

 Don’t despair if your calves are larger than you would like. There are things you can do to get them slimmer and ready to slip into those trendy knee length dresses.


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