Simple Tricks for a Flat Belly

image: @Vasiliy Koval / Fotolia

image: @Vasiliy Koval / Fotolia

Simple Tricks for a Flat Belly

Carbohydrates do hold water and make you get bloated. It’s quite easy to eat 1,000 grams or even  more of carbohydrates over just one weekend through a few drinks, pizza, dessert and then those excess carbs intake can revolve into three or four pounds by beginning of the new week. 

Gluten, a kind of protein that is contained in cereal grains such as rye, wheat and barley leads to bloating. This is especially true for persons who have celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity. The trick is to avoid wheat.

It is recommended that one eat less dairy. Professional bodybuilders and most fitness models don’t use dairy products but instead make use of products made using almond milk. 

The majority people believe that soy is a health food. Soy does contain a compound which mimics estrogen that could lead to stomach bloat and weight gain. So avoid soy.

Cut on soda, including diet soda. Carbonated beverages are full of gas and cause bloating. Soda typically contains elevated fructose corn syrup that is strongly connected with obesity. Diet soda either isn’t a good substitute since artificial sweeteners that it contains can be hard to digest and even boost appetite.

Lemon is known to aid in digestion and is also a natural diuretic and therefore gets rid your water weight. Even if one is switching from soda, or you just using ordinarily drink water, a squeeze of lemon of lemon is recommended.

Plank exercises are a valuable core-strengthener which could give you a flat belly. You could with some few seconds and over time go on and work for a full minute. On top of these do some leg raises in the correct way to achieve better results. Ensure that you don’t repeat the same core exercises every time.

Sit-ups are the best classic exercise for that desired flat belly, but ensure you have the right form. Control the sit up motion while doing them slowly and remain focused on your abdominals. 


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