Snack, but right! Healthy snacks ideas

image: © Konstantin Yuganov / Fotolia

image: © Konstantin Yuganov / Fotolia

Most of us need healthy snacks between our meals to prevent excessive food at the time of the meal.

Avoiding hunger cramps by eating a snack is a good trick to keep your body energized.

Here are some healthy snack ideas that you can take as morning snack and an afternoon snack.

1. Use crispy bread along with some cheese. Sprinkle some black pepper over the cheese.
2. Eat a mixture of Tuna and Yogurt. Add some herbs in the same mixture.
3. A healthy snack can be a mixture of vegetables and nuts. You can eat carrot sticks with cherry and beans. You can serve this along with Guacamole Dip.
4. If you haven’t taken a breakfast in the morning and looking for a snack that gives you instant energy then you can eat Slices of Whole Grain bread. You can eat toasted bread.
5.  A mixture of cheddar cheese and green grapes is a healthy and tasty snack.
6. You can eat cheddar cheese on your slices of bread that also gives a nourished and a healthy snack.
7. You can eat bread slices with a layer of sliced apples and button with some raisins sprinkled over them.
8. If you are looking for some light snacks then take Yogurt with sesame and sunflower seeds.
9. Healthy and fresh snack can be a grated cucumber sprinkled with some black pepper. Use it with fresh Yogurt.
10. You can freeze your snack for eating in the afternoon. It can be a mixture of yogurt and berries.
11. In the morning a vegetable soup is best to give energy boost to your body.
12. You can eat fruit cakes with a cup of tea during mid afternoon to refresh your mind.
13. Some drinks are also used as snacks. Take a slice of bread with refreshing juice.
14. A slice of bread topped with boiled and mashed eggs.
15. Baby carrots with hums are healthy products to refresh your energy level.


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