Speed up your metabolism

image: © Kurhan / Fotolia

image: © Kurhan / Fotolia

Speed up your metabolism

Metabolism rate is linked directly to health factors. Its rate should be maintained up to a regular level that is required by the body. Here are some tips that you can follow to speed up metabolism.

  • Hydration:

Water is the basic requirement of human body. Drinking excess amount of water speed up the metabolism and it maintains its levels as required by the body. 8 to 10 glasses of water are required for proper hydration of the body.

  • High calcium and low fat:

Most of the weight gain problems occur due to the lower levels of calcium that produces hormones in the body. These hormones do not allow fat to be burnt. High level of calcium and more level of protein in your diet plan can speed up the metabolism and also reduces the excessive weight.

  • Do not drink at night:

Metabolism is directly affected by drinking. If you drink whole night, the next day your metabolism rate will be reduced at a faster rate. Avoid drinking at night.

  • Eat snacks:

If you want to maintain the regular level of metabolism and body functions, eat snacks. Keeping your body in starving condition is a definite way to lower down its metabolism rate. Eat fruits, vegetables and high fiber diet to provide necessary energy to the body. This will not gain your weight; instead it helps in maintaining the body health.

  • Release your stress:

Metabolism rate is affected by the levels of stress. The more stress you take lower will be the metabolism of your body. Release your stress by choosing any of the methods. Either use meditation or lower your stress by clearing all the thoughts.

  • Increase Vitamins:

Increasing the amount of Vitamin B, C and calcium in diet proves healthy for metabolism. Calcium boost up the metabolism and Vitamin B is an effective way for maintaining the healthy metabolism.



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