Apple-Banana Shake Recipe

Apples and bananas are the two holy grails of healthy eating. In fact, every diet guru, while prescribing fruits, would at one point ask people to have these fruits. Apples contain high levels of malic acid which is good for the body, and the antioxidants in it are great for the skin and body. Your ... Continue Reading →

Best nutrients that you should never miss

Best nutrients that you should never miss Daily diet should be planned to provide all sufficient nutrients for the body. It should not miss nutrients that are extremely beneficial for the body. We use food, vegetables, grains, beans, and various dairy products. Among all these, there are certain products ... Continue Reading →

Benefits of eating apple a day

Benefits of eating apple a day Apple keeps away various health hazards and gives you nourishing and energetic life. Eating apple daily provides enormous benefits. Following are the benefits listed below. High fiber diet: Apple is one of the high fiber diets. High fiber products are used to keep body ... Continue Reading →