Healthy weight care tips for women

Healthy weight care tips for women Fitness in women is something that is quite often overlooked. In this fast paced life, women look after the family and kids often forgetting or neglecting themselves and their bodies. It is important to realize that all is required to achieve better physical fitness ... Continue Reading →

Most common fitness mistakes made by women

Most common fitness mistakes made by women The following are some of the common mistakes that women do as they try to keep fit yet they are misinformed The constant use of sunscreen Although it is important to protect yourself from the harmful effects of ultra violet rays that cause skin cancer, some ... Continue Reading →

Metabolism rate is maintained when 8 to 10 glasses of water is drunk daily

Water is essentially important to maintain the health of body organs. Humans can’t survive more than 7 days without water. Drinking more water helps in better digestion of food; eliminate all the waste products from the body. Excess amount of water intake daily, keeps our skin fresh. Most of the heart ... Continue Reading →

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