Weight Loss can be Fun for Everyone

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image: © Subbotina-Anna-Fotolia / Fotolia

Weight Loss can be Fun for Everyone

Believe it or not, you can have fun with weight loss. To lose weight, you are going to have to burn more calories than you consume. With a bit of thought, you can achieve that by increasing your activity levels and reducing your calorie intake and making it fun at the same time.

The Calorie Control Aspect.

  • Step one: Get organised with pictures, weights and sizes of portions. You can weigh portions the first time and then put them in various cups or bowls so don’t have to weigh out things again. If you have kids, they will have a great time helping you do this. If you’re doing it for yourself, play your favourite music and take pictures to send to girlfriends who aren’t motivated yet!
  • Now you’re ready for step two. You don’t actually have to give anything up. Yes, it’s really true. What you’re going to do from now on is measure your portions and stick to the recommended sizes. The main culprits are alcoholic drinks, meat, cheese, pasta and cereals. Many people lose a lot of weight through portion control. Use smaller plates so you don’t feel the loss and fill up with vegetables.
  • If you plan low calorie fun meals, you can still entertain. For example, cut up plenty of salad veg in separate bowls, substitute sour cream with low fat yoghurt, use low fat grated cheese, home-made salsa and grilled chicken and let everybody roll their own tortillas. Try out alternative fondues that use a tasty stock and offer people seafood and vegetables to ‘cook’ instead of bread.

Alternative Exercise

Burning extra calories will speed up your weight loss. If you’re bored at the gym, there are lots of other options available.

Outdoor Activities

  • Join a group and go cycling, play tennis or go hiking or walking.
  • Do a good deed and walk the dogs in the local shelter. Take up Agility Training with your own dog – you have to run, too!
  • Got kids? Offer to help out on school, Scouts or Guides expeditions. Try and move around as much as they do!
  • What’s near you – a park, a beach, a wood or a mountain? Are they cleaning the beach or planting trees or keeping ancient paths open? Find out what’s happening and join in.
  • Do you know your own town really well? Offer to act as a walking-tour guide for visitors staying with friends or at local hotels.

Indoor Activities

  • Forget the gym, go for Masala Bhangra classes! How could anyone resist the pulse and enthusiasm of the Bollywood movies? Super fun and great activity. You can burn up to 500 calories in a class!
  • You could also try belly dancing, yoga, kick boxing, tennis, badminton, swimming and a host of others.
  • If you’re a cyclist join Spinning classes when the weather’s bad and pep up your technique ready for the good weather.
  • Fitness video games are a fantastic way of exercising your whole body in a competitive way. Gaming consoles like Xbox 360 Kinect Fitness and Nintendo Wii Fit Plus offer several games which will get you hooked and help you lose weight.



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