Weight loss for your bat wings – ‘Go Sag to Fab’

image: © Dash / Fotolia

image: © Dash / Fotolia

Weight loss for your bat wings – ‘Go Sag to Fab’

Take one good look at yourself in the mirror with your arms widespread in a position ready for flight. Did you feel abashed and flustered? Have you felt shuddered looking at those wiggly, wobbly, flabby batwings, when you wave out to someone? It’s time to have a centralized approach towards weight loss, focusing on specific problem areas in your body. Weight loss is a challenge involving not just physical strength but mental endurance too.

It’s time to reveal your arms proudly, whether it’s a beach, cruise, ballroom or bedroom, by adopting some very primitive lifestyle changes.

Exercise is the key

Exercise helps in stimulating your metabolism to accelerate weight loss. Even a 20 minute workout regime focusing on your arms can help tone down your bat wings.

You need not have to hit the gym always but can perform some simple exercises easily at home or workplace.

  • Pushups can be very effective for strengthening your arm muscles eventually leading to loss of fat around your armpit. Pushups can be done traditionally on the floor with or without weights.
  • Lifting weights, which can be done with the help of dumbbells or any household item like a bottle filled with water, can help tone down your arm muscles
  • Pulls ups or lifting yourself up the floor by holding a sturdy rod, that can carry your weight, can be another option.
  • Triceps and bicep dips can be performed by putting your weight on a stable chair or table. Dips not only strengthen your arms but also your shoulders.
  • Lifting your arms to both your sides at shoulder height and waving them in the front and crossing your arms, like a scissor and then bringing them back to your sides is another form of exercise known as scissors.
  • Activities, like skipping, walking and even household work like sweeping and mopping, can get your arms in shape.

Play a sport

Playing some kind of sport could be a fun way of losing weight. Sports like badminton, tennis, swimming, basketball, volleyball, etc can aid in overall weight loss including your arms, as they involve extensive upper body mobility.


In today’s fast paced life and busy routine, practicing various yoga forms or styles has proven to be very effective in aiding weight loss along with providing stress relief. Yoga proves beneficial in stretching your arm muscles thus strengthening them and making them lean.

Boxing and Dancing

Boxing would help to work up your arm muscles while you learn a new sport. Including dancing in your weight loss plan will help you keep that extra bulge off your arms, while you groove to your favorite number.

Healthy diet

  • Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and support metabolism to lose arm fat.
  • Do away with foods high in starch, carbs and sugar like junk food, candies, bread, soda, etc.
  • Include lean protein and fiber rich foods like beans, lentils, fish, etc. in your diet.

It’s time to flaunt those stunning, sexy and toned arms. So, wave goodbye to those flabby flappers and go sleeveless.


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